Employees do not take responsibility for their work?

It wasn’t supposed to be this way! When you vomit just thinking about your company then… it’s the time…⁠

“Employees do not take responsibility for their work!”?⁠

(or maybe they stopped taking it, because someone UP THERE stopped listening?)⁠

“They keep making mistakes, and I just lose money on it, and they still complain and want a raise!”?⁠

(or maybe they showed what to change, but someone UP THERE knew better?)⁠

“I used to sell more than my entire department put together!”⁠

(or maybe they don’t understand the target or someone UP THERE is waiting for pie in the sky?)⁠

“I was happiest when this company was tiny!”?⁠


The vast majority of my clients and entrepreneurial friends would be happy to turn back time and unsubscribe from giant rock that they took on their backs …⁠

Growing problems, organizational failure, lack of rules, lack of clarity, entanglement, time pressure and MONEY… how to find joy and peace for yourself in all this?!⁠

In such conditions, you CANNOT!⁠
I know it – from experience.⁠

But this condition is you, Boss! Because you are the source, cause and effect of what is happening in your business. (Did I say this before? Like thousand times – don’t mind me)⁠

Of course, it’s easier to blame everyone around. It’s convenient and so… OBVIOUS!⁠

But is it real ?! Answer yourself…⁠



You will never change your business and life if you want to change everything and everyone around you!⁠

Because you are forgetting the most important person in this company… YOU.⁠

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