When unable to draw objective conclusions

5, 10, 15 hours, and maybe even more?!⁠

You are probably coming back home, and he (the boss) is still sitting there and he probably thinks “they have lost their 8 hours and nobody is there, as usual, no one will stay longer, because why save the company?!”⁠

I would add a few more harsh epithets to the boss’s real thoughts, but if he is already so tired and tormented, maybe it is worth forgiving him?⁠

I would say more, it’s NOT his fault! ⁠

Mind deceive him, rationality and sober thinking have no chance with it.⁠

If someone does not stop him, unfortunately, he will reach the bottom.⁠

Then, of course, you can say that he owes himself, he deserved, was… (and so much more!).⁠

But will it get you something?⁠

Maybe it is worth leaving such a place?⁠

Maybe you should leave him?⁠

Maybe you need to save your ass and cut yourself off from this scary place and the boss?⁠


Get someone to shake him and show him how to get out of problems?⁠

In the world of problems, there are no solutions…⁠
In the world of solutions, there are no problems!⁠

He cannot cope on his own, he cannot force himself and is unable to draw objective (!) conclusions.⁠

Find someone straightforward who will … give him a kick (mental kick, of course) and show him the way and the light at the end of the tunnel.⁠

Sometimes it is a pity for the boss, the other human, and sometimes it is a pity for the cool business and the people who are in it.⁠

Come on… just get your fat ass and think.⁠

Have a nice afternoon! ⁠

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