Epidemic of arrogance

This may seem strange because we usually consider people who are successful as arrogant.
But this is NOT about that kind of arrogance I want to talk about today.

The REAL arrogance is to hear someone say how to do something and you are not doing it because you know better.

The REAL arrogance is to keep silent when hearing foolishness.

The REAL arrogance to think that you are better because you work hard and say good morning to everyone.

The REAL arrogance is when you feel better because you are polite, modest and humble.

The REAL arrogance is when you try to please everyone hoping they will like you.

Throw off the dumbass mask!

Sure – if you wanna lose a life,
do not try,
do not change anything,
die forgotten.
But know that like everyone else YOU have possibilities in front of your eyes.

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