How much money I made

„I would like to show you how much money I made in the month of October…”
Is this for real?
I saw this kind of video many times but today it hit me.
For some time now we have had this movement of „authenticity” „transparency” and „vulnerability”.
People try to show who has more, who is best…
6 figures!
7 figures!
Self-made millionaire!
Apparently, it’s a marketing trick advised by many too.
And this is the world we all live in?!
I find asking strangers about earnings as well as talking about earnings – rude.
And yeah, I’m open and tolerant, I’m not diplomatic and I don’t follow the rules…
but hey, I have some limits too.
Does it mean I’m not transparent anymore?
People lie!
(Shocking, I know.)
They want to play others, not expecting that people are not stupid –
they will find out,
and then you are screwed.
If you don’t share your earnings you are a scam?
Oh come on, you won’t make everyone happy, ever.
Will you jump off the cliff because someone tells you to?
Or because it’s a new trend?
I see people implementing all the online „wisdom” without a question.
But conventional wisdom, political correctness…
has it all backwards.
This thing between your ears is called the brain.
You have it for a reason.
Use it well.

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