From business cloners to future explorers

Today’s change-driven business environment demands constant adaptation. This is no secret, of course, at least that is what I hope for. Successfully leading people and organizations over changing terrain requires not just agility and confidence, but a grounding in well-recognized principles of business innovation, and future exploration.

Our future depends on us – leaders, explorers – embracing innovation and difference. How we innovate is going to be increasingly important, beyond the amount of capital we put in.

New technologies can help us to better sense, serve, and satisfy customer needs. A more customer-centric, as well as data-driven approach can turn innovation from an art form into a scientific process. And while working with businesses of all sizes, I found that the more rigorous and repeatable we make innovation, the more we can accelerate the process and improve the odds of success. We must be engaging a greater number of different, even contrasting voices to generate new ideas and opportunities. Because our decisions can unilaterally shape the country’s, the world’s direction, which works in that time of high uncertainty and risk.

If you’ve been doing things in a certain way for so long, I’m sure you tend to get stuck in incremental thinking. You must join the movement of explorers. You need much more blue-sky, big-picture thinking, and a lot of imaginative, yet strategic collaboration. The world, technologies, and customer’s behaviours can disrupt your actions or you can lead the change and make others follow you.

An explorers mindset

Learning about new technology is required for any meaningful innovation. Any innovation process starts with knowing the field and exploring the what-ifs. encourages leaders to discover how different families of emerging trends can interact to create new paradigms and generate new value on the market. What matters most is not a single trend, but how innovators and creatives can build powerful combinations that radically change the way businesses operate, governments function, and consumers consume.

And as you go into trends/innovation/exploring topics, you must discard this old concept that ideas or decision power should be limited to a small group of people or the boss.

It becomes important to you to create an organisation where people feel safe sharing and building on new ideas. And while saying that – there has to be a sense of accountability in this joint innovation. Doing it is hard. But that’s what the real leadership is about: agreeing to a common vision, showing the importance and value of diverse voices and creating processes or rules of engagement for the best ideas to rise to the top and all concepts to be continuously improved on.

That continuous searching for the better is perhaps businesses’ greatest strength. What might be good today may no longer be in two – three years when everyone else has caught up. That’s the way of the explorer: the journey never ends.

Want to get ahead and stay there? Rethink the way you do business. You might explore opportunities with us.

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