The motivational high

Why do so many popular experts draw much attention?

Because you, as many others (me included) feel a connection with those popular experts. Mostly because of familiarity with the subjects they touch on.
One big… giant crap. But hey… we love it!

It takes guts to ignore the “nice” advice of the tip-toes and meek-minded gurus, that sounds good, and only sounds good!

They have made a little money on seminar, taking your money.

They teach you how to become “rich” but…. how many of them actually are millionaires?
Few if any.

Are you interested in hearing feel-good stories and pleasant proverbs?

How many times have you seen someone get all charged up after listening to a motivation guru, then, after the initial high, they become more frustrated than ever?

All the illusions created by the hyperbole and dynamic verbiage contained in many motivational speeches and personal-development books can be very uplifting. I have no doubt about that.
But almost without exception, they fail to address the realities that confront a newbie when he/she enters the business world and comes face to face with real dominators.

Let me shorten the guru’s wisdom “you already have what it takes to succeed”.

Did your world change, after me saying that? I believe not.

And it is not a matter of intonation or the number of repeats.

Well… I don’t need to impress anybody with flattery
If you want a friend, buy a dog.
I’m not in this business to make friends or be your friend.
Personal acceptance by the masses is just not on my agenda.
(and no, I’m not angry and lonely wrack with mummy issues)

I know that half-truths and misinformation are easier to sell and pleasant to hear.

It’s not comfy to drift through mainstream thinking.

So if you want to live safe, anonymous and respectful life…
die forgotten!

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