Get-rich-quick scheme explained

If you see these “30 days – get rich” programs

and you fall for this…

despite the number of information all over the internet,

despite what you read on my profile,

you are just…

damn stupid.

And you know what?

For a long time, I was blaming these “experts” who lunch those programs.

Mainly for destroying the market.

But lately, something switched.

They are not the only ones to blame.

It’s your fault too.

I know.

Everybody is looking for the easy way,

no-work way,

but if you are ready to buy “the secret” for $4,99

(like the ebook, I mentioned recently on my IG stories)

or those $49, 97, 99 programs all in get rich quickly scheme…

at this point, it’s your fault.

Pay more attention to who are you following,

flashy objects are not what you want,

what you are capable of!

Those bling-bling people become your leaders,

and you blindly consciously or unconsciously follow them,

not realizing that so many of them have no real success.

Everything they show you is borrowed, rented or sent for free.

You can do better than that!

Success doesn’t happen easily,

without effort,

with no hard work.

Falling for fake experts

can cost you more problems than you realise…

sick expectations,


They may have a lot of clappers.

Which is not a surprise, right?

They say success will come easily so why not join their club?!

It sounds so good, especially in times when you are faced with all those challenges every damn day.

And on the other hand, I can’t promise you that you will need to do some amount of work like me to achieve success,

work x number of years,

work a certain amount of hours per day.

There are no two same people on the planet,

neither the businesses.

But you can use your brain once in a while, right?

No matter what you gonna do when I say this,

you can be mad about it,

you can argue with it,

you can say it’s not true.

Or that I am rude.

It doesn’t matter.

There’s no difference like with gravity.

You can deny it but when you step out the roof,

you will crack your head on the ground,

so say it is bullshit and try it with your kids.

I wish you luck.

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