Why some entrepreneurs stay broke and sad

Some people don’t want to repeat themselves, they didn’t expect that owning a business requires answering the same questions and explaining the same things over and over again.

They came for a freedom lifestyle and are smashed by reality.

Same with doing 4 hours a week business and expecting millions out of nowhere.

You cut your availability so you cut your earnings. Simple.

I came across people who started a business but are caught up in private life.

They are not unsuccessful because they don’t know what to do,

they often play the game of constantly learning and searching for the next strategy,

but they miss execution on it.

And yes… you can read the book, do an online course,

but without implementing it – you stay the same damn place!

Do you actually want it?

If you do, you should sacrifice everything.

Sometimes it means weak up earlier,

working longer, repeating yourself thousand times and answering stupid questions.

Figure out what’s stopping you.

Why you are not hungry?

Why you don’t pay attention to the things you said you will do?

What’s inside your head?

Ok, know this, if you claim you want more – do what you need to do!

If you don’t want…

MOVE. Make the space for someone who will do.

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