illusion of the past vs. truth NOW

I hope that you understand,
and if you don’t understand yet…
you start to understand now.

Life doesn’t reward people who wait to see what happens, evaluating their past in the meantime.

The past appears possible to fix, but it’s not.

Writing down and thinking through what happened? I’m not a fan of diving deep into the past. We see this everywhere: trauma, bad experiences, dealing with the past.

But I don’t think it will help anyhow.

You remember some parts of the story and forget others. You may perceive some things differently because of high emotions. You are limited by your own mind and when other people participate in this, you deal with their shit too. You are aware of some aspects of your surroundings and unconscious of others.⁣ So how do you expect to deal with this?

You just can’t perceive enough. You don’t form a comprehensive, objective record. You can’t.

You’re alive. You’re able to influence what happens now.

Don’t be pitiful about your past.

Think about what you can do TODAY.

No rules
No proper-making
No ‘this is how it should look’
No ‘this is what I know I have to do’
No ‘once I —do things that prove my worth or enoughness —then I can — do or be what I really want’

If everything is possible, what are you gonna do?

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