The source, cause and effect of what is happening in your business

When the idea works,

everybody is ready to proudly say:

“I’m the father!”

And everyone in the company claims that.

But what happens when things don’t go as planned?

“This is not how it was supposed to be!”

When the idea won’t work, you suddenly vomit at the very thought of your company…

“I knew it will be like this!”

“Employees do not take responsibility for their work! I lose money on it, and they still complain and want a raise!”

But maybe they showed what to change, but someone up there knew better?

perhaps you – THE boss?

“I used to do more than my entire department put together!”

“I was happiest when this company was small!”

The vast majority of my clients would be happy to turn back time and unsubscribe from this burden and the “cross” that they took on their backs…

Growing problems, organizational failure, lack of rules, lack of clarity, time pressure and MONEY… how to find joy in all of this??

What with the peace for yourself?! In such conditions, you CANNOT!

But this condition is you, THE Boss because you are the source, cause and effect of what is happening in your business.

Of course, it’s easier to blame everyone around. It’s convenient and so… OBVIOUS!

But is it real?!

Answer yourself…

You will never change your business and life if you want to change everything and everyone around you but not yourself!

Every boss is ready to own the successful idea. But what when things go wrong? Are you ready to take ownership of it too?

Let me leave you with those thoughts.

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