New perspective on free service

Consulting for free are you nuts and you call yourself a business expert?
Is it scalable?
You value yourself that low?
Do you want to destroy the consulting market?

I know that giving consultations for free is not a popular thing to do.
Consultations in 15 minutes that becomes a straight sales call – did you experience that? Now people want to do nothing and get paid millions for it. And if that is what they want to do – I’m ok with it.
Experts say that now services should be one-to-many. More money in less time. Or make it an online course and sell on repeat 24/7. Is it customised to the client’s problem? No.
The client is just categorized into the box of the most popular problem, getting general advice in a low-quality package and done.
Is it only me thinking that it is not fair?
Buying a pig in a poke? Blind trust?
I have been scammed too many times.
I won’t scam others.
I’m not afraid to sit face-to-face with a real person and as a real person. Just being human wanting genuinely help, support.
So many “experts” talk about authenticity but they don’t devote either time, interest, expertise in their services.
Nowadays, everyone wants to call themselves an “expert”… but do they really help?
They don’t talk with the client. They send a link to their offer an ebook or online course – where they repeat 10 top business advices and they think the job is done.
The client said “I’m checking” and they are running away. Client asking additional questions after the course – rude.
They saying that they are frustrated for people messaging them and asking for advice. They are upset when people asking for the details that are visible on their website. No one needs to read your fucking website, people!! If clients/people do really frustrate them that much maybe they shouldn’t have a business?
I believe that business is a responsibility.
You can’t just throw words into the air and believing that no one is checking.
I’m here to face the challenge of talking to people, working with people, consulting people.
No matter if they want to challenge me, test me, try me.
People expecting free advice – I respect that.
So I’m making it official.
You can apply to work with me.
We will schedule a free consultation to make a plan of making a profit from trends.
You will decide what’s gonna happen next.
All the details on the website

P.S. Working for free gives more money in the long run 😉

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