The window of opportunity explained

Chaos created by the pandemic is creating now a 2-3 years window of predicted opportunity.
This is something that everyone can benefit from.
How do you connect the dots?
How to put the pieces together?
Clues are all around us.
Innovation is closer than you think but there is something you are overlooking.
In times of change, most people will miss out.
It’s not what we want to focus on.
We all want to stay on the more positive, inspiring side
but we must be aware of the human traps.
The mind that tries to fool us.
We like to repeat things, behaviours…
we must wake up,
and dominate.
Sounds easy.
But it’s not.
I want to share 2 traps with you:
COMFORT – we achieve some level of success so why change things?! We lose hunger.
REPETITION – we make small twists and we become protective – we don’t want to invest more, change things, or take more risks.
How about willing to destroy?
What with curiosity?
The hunger?
I get you.
What you should do?
Be proactive – competition is lazy!
Push harder,
look deeper,
act sooner,
and don’t give up!

Is it enough to hear from business consultant?
Probably not.
I can smell the deficiency.
But you can’t expect me to put exact strategies under your nose just because. All businesses are different.
I won’t build NO.1 firm in my field pretending there’s a one-fit-all solution.
I have services for you available.
These are paid.
But thoughtfully designed to provide value.
What would you say?

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