How to build a strong and effective team that last?

Not everybody who starts the journey with you is gonna finish this journey.

You gonna have a lot of people along the way.

Who will serve the purpose at first,

they teach you about themselves,

you gonna learn,

you gonna make some mistakes,

you will find lessons in that.

I remember the time of building my first team,

I had a really bad time.

I had people on my team who sit with me crying and saying that they want to win so badly.

They are doing it for their kids, parents, family,

they all had some great reasons,

and while being with them,

listening to them,

I felt OMG it’s just like me,

I felt emotionally connected to them,

so deeply,

I wanted them to win!

I felt so much responsibility.

What happened next they walkout from the meeting,

doing nothing!

Nothing that resembles anything successful!

It was a nightmare!

Some days I thought it is better to do it alone, on my own,

than get mad again.

I attached my emotions to what people say,

not to what they actually do.

So people fool me very easily.

Now I tie myself to those who do things.

Because you can not force anyone to work.

I keep reminding them why they are with me,

reminding why they started,

keeping them hungry,


but it’s not like I was a cheerleader for them all day, every day.

I had a clear vision of where I am going,

and I knew what I’m trying to build,

people who didn’t fit the culture…


I set the tone, the core values, the culture.

I gave them the chance.

Is it possible to recruit people like that with no mistakes – no.

It’s so challenging.

But worth it.

If it was easy, EVERYONE would do it. 

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