Opportunity for 2022 and beyond

Times are changing.
The covid-preneur times are on the finish line.
The old tactics and management methods are void.
The online market is oversaturated.

Don’t count on me to sugar coating it.
The way you used to run your business in 2021 is dead.
I mean D-E-A-D.

Either get with it or get left behind.

Infuture.fashion (my company) helps you build a fashion business in a diversified, sustainable and strategic way.
It is exactly what you need nowadays.
But you can do it yourself, leaving our service to your competitors. I’m fine with that.

I wanted to point out, once again, that times are changing quickly, and rapidly.
To thrive you must change the way you do business.
We live in an era where business innovation is more important than ever before and the most successful businesses will be the ones who are able to bring promising ideas to market ahead of competitors.

And while thinking about ‘what to do next and making your own research be aware that the purpose of most personal and business “development” materials (books, courses) and gurus (experts, coaches, advisors, mentors) is to motivate you to rework more (and more!) materials.

Why? Because they make money on it!
Not that you achieve your goals – silly boo.

I hope it drow a question mark in your mind.

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