The awards bought with chips

So many marketers talk about the importance of good PR,
and I wish entrepreneurs would like to invest the time and effort
and do it ethically,
but as always,
they fall for the shortcuts.

The market of ready-to-buy awards and certifications is raising.
Red carpet events for awards celebrations are nothing new.
But now it arose into a really fake and strange movement that destroys the market.
Now people can question all the brand’s credentials.
Clients are not stupid.
They could believe in your words, and cliches… many years ago,
but not now,
when the market is saturated, tricky and so many bad experiences already happen.

Did you see that 9 out of 10 business tips are not for this age?
I see many management advice from the 90s.
Did no one see that times and markets changed?
You don’t have to believe me,
just look around.

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