To the young generations…

There’s quite a big group of people trying to convince everyone (especially young generations) that:

  • you have to maintain a work-life balance at all times or else you’ll experience “trauma”, “depression”, “burn out”,
  • working long hours is the worst thing you could ever do
  • it is sick to want to work anything more than a few hours a day and a few days per week at best
  • you can become highly productive and successful by working a lot less.

This is nonsense spouted by people who have clearly not started with nothing and gotten themselves ahead. I (as always) want to put some reality-light on it.

  1. Achieving anything great takes effort, discomfort, commitment and determination. Putting in the time, more often than not, pays off.
  2. Life moves in cycles and waves. When something is new and requires rapid learning or growth just to survive, it is normal for it to be a massive focus to the exclusion of all other things.
  3. High performance isn’t fun or fair all the time. If you want to smash a goal, it’s going to require full effort. If you want it badly enough you’ll have to put in the work – with no looking at others.
  4. People who earn more work more. The highest earners typically work 55hours a week or more. That isn’t for everyone (but not everyone wants to be the highest earner either) but it’s still a fact. If you are starting out with nothing and you want money – expect to work from morning to evening most days.
  5. There are plenty of people who have lived a very sheltered life who will tell you otherwise. People who grew up with money and elite education thrown at them simply don’t get it. If someone tells you they have always maintained a work-life balance and still got ahead they were very (very!) lucky somewhere along the way.
  6. Working (even long hours) can be joyful and rewarding. Can all be exhausting but worth it. Stay driven by passion.
  7. To young generations strictly: use your 20s and early 30s wisely. The reality is that when you are young you can throw yourself at things with intensity and power more easily. Don’t waste that energy on Netflix, computer games, drinking, partying etc. Have fun but know that life starts to get in the way later and your energy will drop.

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