Things between “unsuccessful” and “successful”


Expectation can really destroy life.

Or will make your life.

The secret of successful biz are have-s over wants.

You can change how happy you are by expecting less.

Let’s discuss expectations around education.

People buy things.

They buy books, courses, consultations.

Thinking that this will give them the way to succeed.

The problem is when they give the expectations so much power.

When the product doesn’t deliver them “success”,

they feel a failure.

There’s many things between “unsuccessful” and “successful”.

You can’t treat that as 0 or 100.

We like to treat things as yes and no-s.

But we miss something very important – reality.

That’s so dangerous.

You must realise that every book, course or workshop is another step towards your success.

And you need those steps.

Ask yourself: am I further or closer to my goal?


Recently I spoke to my entrepreneurial friends who sign for therapy.

I asked them what was the reason.

What makes them do this.

And I came to this conclusion.

Getting this perspective let me shift a little bit my own ambitions and expectations.

I decided on where I’m heading in the next years and what are the steps towards this vision. The goal is to not be distracted by new visions/opportunities. Because when I will make the switch of the path I will lose what I already have built. It’s like making the first two steps and feeling like “I am not there” so I need to change my strategy -wrong!

It’s never one thing that makes people successful or not.

And to make clear, lowering expectations doesn’t mean not making effort, not having high standards about the clients you want to work with. I want you to decrease your expectations of the outcomes. Increase expectations on activity and actions.

Keep making progress. Keep getting better. Extend horizons.

And tell me… what do you think?

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